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Trying to get back into this

2014-02-11 16:04:40 by kordelp

Posted two new songs, and this time I'm hoping it won't be months or years before post again. I've upgraded my equipment, so I'm finally motivated to putting out some quality stuff. My dream is to make music for video games. I can't full time into at this very moment, but I will do what I can to make sure people can hear what I'm capable of until that time comes.

Peace, and enjoy!

I haven't posted here in a while since my focus as of late has been on my LP which features my trumpet playing. I'm on soundcloud as "kordelp" if you want an idea. I know I've probably mentioned it before but it's all that's going on right now (music-wise...I've got a life :P). I haven't made e-music for a while, so here's me messing around again. Listen to it. The whole thing. I dare ya.

After a long absence...

2011-07-27 18:06:31 by kordelp

I posted yet another "dubstep" piece. I wanted to do something with various samples involving electricity and do so in a dubstep manner. So here it is. Samples are all pretty much from neat little nook in interwebs to find raw (open-source!) samples for just about anything. I get distracted there easily >.>

Stop reading this post and start reviewing!

If you would :)

Hello Newgrounds People!

2011-03-27 22:28:22 by kordelp

Sup! I'm Kordel, and I've been posting older songs of mine for a bit just to see what kind of responses I get. As of this news post, I just posted Uncharted, my second shot at dubstep aimed to topping Molten Lava (as it got the most listens by far at this point). This is me seeing what I'm good at from other folks opinions.

This has the kind of stuff I usually do as I am a piano and trumpet player, as well as a composer (who's into electronic styles as well). That's so you know where I'm coming from. (Btw, I know that page there is kinda's temporary so I'm not attending it.)

All your feedback is greatly appreciated. And feel free to ask for my feedback: I have no biases right now so I wouldn't know where to start as far as contributing to this site review-wise. I'm a fairly deep musician (in the theory and all), so my opinions should be useful in some way.

Till next time, peace.