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-AeF- Retrolution -AeF- Retrolution

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice themes here!

See heading. And the breakdown at ~1:08 is pretty sweet. All I can say for there is to use a bigger kick. Noisier, if you know what I mean (to match the snare sound there with a longer decay, perhaps more like a gated, reverb'd acoustic kick sound). Just an idea, as I know all choices made are subjective.

Another thing that I think would help your climaxes (not just in this song) is the use of pads. Like in this song, some pads at the end (~1:37) would definitely "bring it home" for me as a listener.

Finally, was this meant to be a loop? Ending's a bit chopped unless you had a mishap mixing it down. Figured I'd say something because it got my attention.

Don't fret over my score given here: I'm fairly reserved with my 9s and 10s. Great piece, no doubt!

AetherFlaer responds:

Awesome. Thanks for the breakdown I appreciate it!